We as sosindependizados.com truly respect the privacy of anyone that will going to use anything inside our website. Here on this page we will going to tell you what information our website collects, the process of collecting that information, and how we store that information for its security.

Information we collect

Our website, the sosindependizados.com requires anyone who uses our website’s service to provide some needed information. The information that our website requires for anyone who uses the service of our website doesn’t include the user’s real name, phone number, or even the real address.

Log Data

We at sosindependizados.com want to inform you that whenever you use any service our website provides; we collect some information your browser sent to us which is called the Log Data. This Log Data consist of your IP address, the browser version, any services our websites provide that you visited or used, time and date, how long you spent inside our website, and some other essential statistics.


This Cookies were files with small amount of data that is used as a unique identifier. These cookies were sent to your browser directly whenever you visit our website and it will be stored in your computer’s hard drive. Our website uses those cookies in order for us to provide a much better service. Also, you are having two options for those cookies, its either you will be going to accept or refuse those cookies. But keep in mind that when you refuse those cookies, you might not be able to use the whole potential of our website.

Service Providers

Here at sosindependizados.com, we employ third-party companies and individual because of the following reasons:

To facilitate our service

To provide some service on our behalf

To perform service-related things

Also, we want to inform you that these third-party companies or individuals have access to your presented personal information. But they’re only have limited rights with that information. They cannot disclose your account or use any of your provided information in any other purpose.


Here in our website, we value all the information that you provide. We were looking forward to protect all your information by any means. But keep in mind that on the internet, there’s no 100 percent guaranteed method of collecting information that is totally secured.

Children’s Policy

Here in our website, we don’t address anyone under the age of 13. We also don’t knowingly collect any identifiable information that makes use clueless if there’s someone who is under the age of 13 using our service. But somehow if we find one, we have the rights to immediately disclose and delete all the information that the user who is under the age of 13 provides. So, if you are a guardian or parent and you know that your child is using our service, please contact us right away in order for us to avoid doing any actions against it.